ERGYS Upgrades
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1. Software Upgrade Everyone should have this. Most of you do already. With a high-tech machine such as the ERGYS, the software algorithms are everything. This upgrade is worth its price just for the "ERGYS Intelligence" workload algorithm. But the upgrade offers so much more: run summaries, session short cuts, etc. Simply put, the upgrade will enhance your workout while reducing your overall session time.

2. Stimulus Engine A "kinder and gentler" stimulus. Not everyone needs this, but if you're a little sensitive to the stimulus, or if your electrodes and cables tend to wear out prematurely, consider this upgrade. Decrease your prep time, too, with only two electrodes per channel. 

3. Complete Refurbishment If you want everything, if you want to make your ERGYS look brand new, this is the upgrade for you. Sure, the Stimulus Engine and software upgrade will improve your performance, but why not run good and look good? This much we know: the ERGYS has a beautiful frame with beautiful curves, and it's powder coated, making the finish practically indestructible. Add new upholstery, plastic covers, pads, straps, etc., and you have the best looking piece of fitness equipment in the world. (Our hugely biased opinion? Sure. Our unflagging conviction? YES!)

Moreover, here's a case where improved looks may actually lead to improved runs. Over time, the ERGYS seat cushion will lose some of its "memory." With an old seat cushion, some of your leg power will be absorbed by the seat instead of being transferred to the pedal crank. New cushions will help to bring you back into the optimum ERGYS pedaling position. It's interesting to observe riders accustomed to riding a "well-worn" ERGYS try a new ERGYS. Suddenly they are "stronger," and "smarter" (just kidding, it's the computer that's smarter). We have a two word explanation for this phenomenon: SEAT CUSHION.



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