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[ERGYS2 Banner]Software Installation Guide

Contents of the upgrade kit:

bulletThese instructions
bulletIntegrated circuit (IC) EPROM, IC19, version F.1
bulletAntistatic foam, 2 pieces
bulletERGYS Operator's Manual Addendum (ye11ow sheets)
bulletSoftware registration card


Tool BoxTools you will need:

bullet1 medium size phillips screwdriver
bullet1 small flat-blade screwdriver (no longer than 5 inches from tip of handle to tip of blade)


Before you begin..

Please call Therapeutic Alliances at (937) 879-0734 if you need assistance at any time during this upgrade. We strongly recommend you install the upgrade during Therapeutic Alliances' business hours (900a - 5:00p ET) so that we may assist you if necessary.

1.[Warning Warning]Turn off the ERGYS power switch.
2.[Warning Warning]Unplug the ERGYS power cord.
3. Locate the 4 phillips screws at the front of the ERGYS Console (on the left and right of the display). Remove the top two screws. The bottom 2 screws must be left in place to keep the front panel secure.
4. Locate the 4 phillips screws at the rear of the ERGYS Console. Remove the top two screws. The bottom 2 screws must remain in place.
5. Remove the cover of the computer by lifting it straight up and away from the Console. Note how the ridges inside the cover slide along the inside of the front and back panels of the Console. This familiarization will be helpful when re-installing the cover. Set the cover aside for now. The primary ERGYS computer circuit board should be in view.
6.Touch the back plate of the ERGYS computer to discharge any static electricity that may have built up in your body or clothes.
7. Locate the old version of the ERGYS software. This integrated circuit, IC19, should have the revision designator 'C.2', 'D.O', or 'E.O' on its label. If the integrated circuit has any other designator (e.g., C.1) contact Therapeutic Alliances at (937) 879-0734.
8. Using the small flat-blade screwdriver, gently rock IC19 out of its socket, removing each end of the IC a little bit at a time. Do not confuse the IC with the associated socket soldered to the circuit-board. Avoid making contact with the pins of the IC. Avoid touching the electronic components of the ERGYS display.
9. Place the old IC19 in the empty antistatic foam. If you are replacing version C.2, store this IC away in a safe place; it may be needed should your ERGYS require on-site service. If you are replacing version D.O or E.O, this IC should be returned to Therapeutic Alliances in the enclosed padded envelope along with the registration sheet (see step 15).
10. Carefully cut open the package with the new IC labeled F.O. Remove the IC from the antistatic foam, taking care not to touch the pins. Note there is a small notch on the end of the IC. This notch should face the display when installed in the ERGYS computer. Align all of the pins of the IC so that they will enter the socket labeled IC19 without bending. Press down evenly on the IC until it is in place. Note there may be a small gap between the bottom of the IC and the socket.
11. Verify once more that the new IC labeled F.O is plugged into the socket labeled IC19. Check that the notch is facing the display, oriented the same as the integrated circuits in the same area. Look at the IC from all directions and verify it is firmly seated in the socket and all pins are straight as they enter the socket contacts.
12. Slide the cover back on to the Console with the vents on the top of the cover facing the display. Align the screw holes. Secure the cover with the 4 screws that were previously removed.
13. Plug the ERGYS power cord back into the wall outlet. While observing the display, turn on the ERGYS and verify that "SELF TEST..." is displayed within 1 to 2 seconds. Shut off the ERGYS immediately and call Therapeutic Alliances if this message does not appear. Note that due to the increased sophistication of the version F.O software, it will require approximately 15 seconds to complete the self-test and related "housecleaning" functions.
14. After the self-test is complete, press the CONTINUE key once and verify that the new software revision, F.O, is displayed. If so, your ERGYS is ready to run with the new features as outlined in the ERGYS Operator's Manual Addendum.
15. Please fill out the enclosed postage-paid software registration card and mail it to Therapeutic Alliances (foreign customers will need to supply postage). It is important that we receive this card to accurately track users of this new version of software.

Installation of the ERGYS 2 software is now complete.

Therapeutic Alliances Inc.
333 North Broad Street - Fairborn, OH 45324  USA
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