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The 1998 Gathering of ERGYS Enthusiasts

Susan Pollack Feldman and Robert Shapley

Therapeutic Alliances Inc.


The Mount Sinai Medical Center
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

New York City

September 26, 1998

photosep.gif (833 bytes) Susan Pollack Feldman awards Robert Shapley 1st Prize for 'Longest Distance Traveled to the ERGYS Gathering' (Opihikao, Hawaii, to NY, NY)).

ERGYS Enthusiasts at New York's Inter-Continental Hotel. On the left is Charleene Frazier, the ERGYS - REGYS Program Coordinator at MICC in Chevy Chase, MD. In the center is TAI advisory board member Connie Leber with her charming and well-behaved children Abbie and Dustin. (Not pictured: the 265 Beanie Babies that also made the trip.)

ERGYS Enthusiasts at New York's Hotel Inter-Continental
ERGYS Enthusiasts at The Mt. Sinai Medical Center
In the front row are Daniel Gove of Byram, Connecticut, and Jeff Silverman of Randallstown, Maryland. Between them in the back row is Trudy Roles from Kernan Hospital in Baltimore.

We gave Dan the 'Seasoned Traveler' award for his mastery of the New York City mass transit system!

Revelers at the Gathering found themselves stopping in mid-sentence upon seeing Jeff Silverman's bulging quadriceps and hamstrings muscles (built by REGYS!?). Jeff was demure when asked if his gluteal muscles were equally as impressive.

photosep.gif (833 bytes)


Bob Shapley's dominance at the awards ceremony was impressive. Here Sharon Cook presents him with one of his three awards, this one for 'Most Idyllic ERGYS Setting.' We are thinking of having the next ERGYS Gathering at Bob's house, which happens to be on a beach on Hawaii's big island. It's a harsh environment for the ERGYS, but not bad at all for the human spirit.

Bob Shapley and Sharon Cook
James Schorey and Teresa & Jeff Pinkow TAI president James Schorey (left) visits with our good friends Jeff and Teresa Pinkow. Jeff and Teresa are tireless advocates of SCI research, and they've been great "ERGYS Enthusiasts" to boot. Kudos to Jeff for his generosity with his time and his cigars!
photosep.gif (833 bytes) TAI advisory board members Eric Levin and Susan Steele are seen here debating which of them is the bigger VIP. In the end they rose above their egos and decided it was Gene Leber, a TAI advisory board member who has mentored both of them through the years.
Eric Levin and Susan Steele


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