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NEWS! News Release. For Immediate Release; September 14, 1998

The ERGYS on Display at Carillon Historical Park:

Invention and Innovation in Dayton, Ohio

FAIRBORN, OHIO—  Therapeutic Alliances is proud to announce that the ERGYS Rehabilitation System will be on display at Dayton's Carillon Historical Park as part of the park's 1998 exhibit of "Invention and Innovation in the Dayton Area." The exhibit will be open to the public until September 27 (the park closes for the year on October 31). The "Made in Dayton" exhibit features 12 displays from such notable companies and research groups as Mead, NCR, the Wright State University Institute for Rehabilitation Research and Medicine, the University of Dayton Research Institute, and the Delphi Automotive Systems Division of General Motors. ERGYS at Carillon Park
The Wright Flyer IIICarillon Historical Park was founded by Colonel and Mrs. Edward A. Deeds to celebrate and preserve Dayton's rich history of invention. The museum at Carillon Park opened in 1950 with numerous displays showcasing Dayton's contribution to aviation, automotive, and other industries. One such display is the 1905 Wright Flyer III, widely considered to be the world's first practical airplane.  The park's Wright Flyer III, restored under the supervision of Orville Wright, has been designated a National Historic Landmark.
In addition to the museum, the 65-acre Carillon Park offers perhaps the best picnic and kite flying grounds in the Dayton area.  The centerpiece of the park is the Deeds Carillon, a 151-foot tower topped with 57 bells, inaugurated on Easter Sunday, 1942, with a concert played by Mrs. Deeds. The Deeds Carillon


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