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NEWS! News Release. For Immediate Release; September 2, 2000

Development of a Nurse Assisted FES Program:

Charleene Frazier Awarded "Best Article of the Year" by AASCIN for 1999

The Development of a Nurse-Directed Computerized Functional Electrical Stimulation Program


Today’s spinal-cord-injured (SCI) person is discharged from the inpatient clinical setting very early in his or her recovery process. Faced with the tremendous challenges of relearning the skills of daily living and psychologically adjusting to a catastrophic injury, the newly injured person is thrust into an overwhelming environment. As early as 1994, when inpatient stays were longer, concern was expressed about the impact of early discharge on the health and well-being of persons with SCI (Ditunno & Formal, 1994). For over 10 years, the Medical Illness Counseling Center (MICC) has offered a community-based, nurse-directed program of Computerized Functional Electrical Stimulation (CFES) for persons with SCI. The program is founded on the belief that when multi-system deterioration associated with paralysis is avoided and a behavioral approach is used, the person with SCI will have a renewed sense of well-being that enables him or her to overcome the 

Charleene Frazier accepts the award for Best Article of 1999 at the AASCIN conference in Las Vegas
challenges of daily living. Over time, the need for expansion of the program became apparent; it evolved into a comprehensive package of medical, nursing, and psychological care. This article describes the essential elements that comprised a successful program design, the benefits of participation in CFES, and the significance of this technology in a nurse-managed setting.


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