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NEWS! News Release. For Immediate Release; August 4, 1997

A Gathering of ERGYS Enthusiasts:

Improving the Long-term Health of Persons with Spinal Cord Injuries

Fairborn, Ohio - On Saturday, September 6, 1997, Therapeutic Alliances Inc. (TAI) will hold its second annual Gathering of ERGYS Enthusiasts. The Wright State University (WSU) School of Medicine’s Institute for Rehabilitation Research and Medicine (IRRM) will co-host the event. This year’s “Gathering” will take place as an evening reception on the campus of WSU.

The Gathering is based on the ERGYS and REGYS family of products for exercising the otherwise immobile legs of persons with spinal cord injuries (SCI). Since the 1980s, Dr. Roger Glaser, Director of the IRRM, and others at Wright State University have been in the forefront in the field of functional electrical stimulation (FES), and specifically FES-induced leg-cycle ergometry. The ERGYS 2 and its predecessors, the ERGYS I and REGYS, are the commercial results of this pioneering research.

According to TAI president James Schorey, “The ERGYS Gathering is the highlight of our year. It’s our chance to introduce the many ERGYS riders to the researchers, research subjects, engineers, and clinicians who make it all possible.”

Therapeutic Alliances also announced that the 1998 edition of the Gathering of ERGYS Enthusiasts will be held in New York City, co-hosted by The Mt. Sinai Medical Center. This site was chosen to bring the Gathering closer to the many ERGYS and REGYS centers in the Northeast and also to pay tribute to Dr. Kristjan Ragnarsson and Susan Pollack Feldman for their research and clinical contributions to this technology.

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