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NEWS! News Release. For Immediate Release; October 30, 1996

Strategic Alliance: Medical Illness Counseling Center & Therapeutic Alliances Inc.

CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND and FAIRBORN, OHIO—The Medical Illness Counseling Center (MICC) and Therapeutic Alliances Inc. (TAI) announced that they have entered into a formal agreement to better serve the needs of people with spinal cord injuries. The alliance brings together two centers of excellence in the rehabilitation of persons with paralysis: TAI is a pioneer of innovative medical technology; MICC is nationally recognized for its quality patient care services. The MICC-TAI venture will bring the latest technologies in spinal cord rehabilitation immediately to patients resulting in the most comprehensive program known for reversing the medical complications of paralysis. Under the agreement MICC and TAI will collaborate on business initiatives, marketing, and professional training of individuals and institutions in the new technologies.

MICC is a not-for-profit, outpatient behavioral medicine center located in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. MICC has been providing physical rehabilitation and behavioral health services to persons with spinal cord injury through its REGYS/ERGYS Computerized Functional Electrical Stimulation program since 1986. MICC also provides consulting and training on clinical and reimbursement issues for computerized functional electrical stimulation (CFES) therapy.

Therapeutic Alliances Inc. was founded in 1993 after acquiring the product line of Therapeutic Technologies Inc. TAI's newest product offering, the ERGYS 2, builds on 12 years of experience with the REGYS and ERGYS 1 Rehabilitation Systems which are in use in more than 600 clinics and homes worldwide.

Along with the ERGYS 2, TAI offers a full line of rehabilitation products for treating spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and other neuromuscular disorders. Among these products are the SpectraSTIM 2000 neuromuscular stimulator, the NeuroEDUCATOR II electromyography (EMG) processor, and the Bioflex Electrode Garment (manufactured by Bioflex Inc., Columbus, Ohio).

James Schorey, president of TAI, believes MICC's clinical know-how will provide a perfect complement to TAI's combined 40-plus years in the design and manufacturing of state-of-the-art medical equipment. According to Schorey, "Now we can offer our customers a complete package for starting a CFES program or for improving the patient care and reimbursement success of an existing program."


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