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NEWS!  News Release. For Immediate Release; September 4, 1996

A Gathering of ERGYS Enthusiasts:

People Working to Improve the Long-term Health of the Spinal Cord Injured

Fairborn, Ohio—On Saturday, September 7, a reunion will be held to celebrate the contributions that research subjects, researchers, engineers, and others have made in the Miami Valley for improving the lives of individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI). The all day event, "A Gathering of ERGYS Enthusiasts," will be co-hosted by Wright State University's Institute for Rehabilitation Research & Medicine (IRRM), Kettering, Ohio, and Therapeutic Alliances Inc. (TAI), Fairborn, Ohio.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Roger Glaser, Director of the IRRM, will present the state of the research as related to SCI and functional electrical stimulation (FES), a field pioneered by Wright State University (WSU) in the 1980s and 1990s. Other speakers such as Gene Leber, the Executive Director of the Access Center for Independent Living of Dayton, Ohio, will discuss information and support groups available to those with disabilities.

A common tie for many of Saturday's attendees is the ERGYS, a commercially available FES-based machine for exercising the otherwise immobile legs of those with SCI. The ERGYS is one example of many successful "technology transfers" made by WSU to the commercial sector. Case in point: Many of the attendees who were once FES research subjects at WSU now use the ERGYS at home on a regular basis. Two such research subjects, Nan Davis Ferrall and Susan Steele, were featured prominently by the national media in the 1980s on television news programs such as 60 Minutes and Good Morning America. Like most ERGYS riders, both women lead active lives while continuing to benefit from Miami Valley FES technology. Nan is the mother of three and runs the Davis School of Driving in St. Mary's, Ohio. Susan is a producer for CNN in Washington, DC.

According to TAI president James Schorey, "The 'ERGYS Gathering' is our opportunity to thank both past and present research subjects, researchers, and clinicians. Their dedication has helped to ensure that this technology is available to everyone."

More information on FES and related research is available by calling the Institute for Rehabilitation Research and Medicine at (937) 259-1326. More information on the ERGYS Gathering this Saturday is available by calling Therapeutic Alliances Inc. at (937) 879-0734.


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