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NEWS!  News Release. For Immediate Release; April 10, 1996

Introduction of the ERGYS 2 Rehabilitation System

Williamsburg, Virginia -Today Therapeutic Alliances Inc. (TAI) of Fairborn, Ohio USA introduced the new ERGYS 2 Rehabilitation System. The ERGYS 2, a leg cycle ergometer featuring TAI's proprietary functional electrical stimulation (FES) technology, builds on twelve years of experience with the REGYS and ERGYS 1 Rehabilitation Systems which are in use in more than 500 clinics and homes worldwide.

The ERGYS 2 is designed to maintain and improve the health of individuals with spinal cord injury, as well as those suffering from multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, or stroke. The clinician can choose from a number of workload regimes and biphasic stimulus waveforms to tailor the ERGYS 2 to a patients specific therapeutic needs. According to TAI president Mr. James Schorey, "TAI's rallying cry 'The Power of Your Muscles', is more inclusive than ever with the ERGYS 2."

Therapeutic Alliances continues to offer full support for the REGYS and ERGYS 1 Rehabilitation Systems. "In fact," says Schorey, "the ERGYS 1 can be easily upgraded to include the powerful new features of the ERGYS 2." Along with the ERGYS 2, TAI offers a full line of rehabilitation products, including the SpectraSTIM 2000 muscle stimulator and the NeuroEDUCATOR II electromyography (EMG) processor.

All in all, the ERGYS 2 is a major step forward in the field of functional electrical stimulation. The ERGYS 2 will greatly increase the number of potential users of therapy aimed at recovering lost muscle function as well as therapy aimed at maintaining a patient's health.

James Schorey and Sarah Everhart in Williamsburg, VA


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