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The NeuroEDUCATOR 4: Coming to a muscle site near you in Q3 2007

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ERGYS + NeuroEDUCATOR Fact Sheet
New ERGYS Upgrades New ERGYS Upgrades!
The NeuroEDUCATOR and ControlBionics

Control Bionics

Therapeutic Alliances' NeuroEDUCATOR helps the profoundly disabled to communicate
ERGYS on Lifetime Television's "Strong Medicine"
Therapeutic Alliances is a proud sponsor of the CRPF 2005 Spinal Cord Symposium

Therapeutic Alliances is a proud sponsor of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association Hall of Fame Summit

Ranken Jordan Pediatric Hospital receives CRF Quality of Life Grant for the ERGYS

Therapeutic Alliances is a proud sponsor of the 2006 Lone Star Classic Copyright 2005 Lonestar Classic.

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Work Harder!
You are the moving part! Recent Advertisements

ERGYS 2 Brochure

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Christopher Reeve
1952 - 2004

Mike Welch Rides the ERGYS across the USA!

ERGYS Across America!

AASCIN Article of the Year The Development
of a Nurse-Directed
FES Program
An Overview of Neuromuscular Retraining with the NeuroEDUCATOR

The ERGYS debuts
 in Southwest Utah

The ERGYS Debuts in St. George, Utah

Riding the ERGYS:
 A Session Checklist

The ERGYS in Amsterdam The ERGYS debuts in Amsterdam at Vrije University The "Brucker Method" The "Brucker" Method.
 As seen on Good Morning America with Mike Utley of the Detroit Lions

The NeuroEDUCATOR 3 is here!


The ERGYS Debuts in Thailand

Dr. Kahler & Nursing Staff at the Nan Clinic
More ERGYS Info! Improved ERGYS Web Pages Scenes from ERGYS '98 Scenes from the 1998 ERGYS  Gathering in New York City

The ERGYS takes its place next to the Wright Brothers' Wright Flyer 3 as one of Dayton, Ohio's, great inventions!

The Wright Flyer III

Moving Your ERGYS

How to Move Your ERGYS
ERGYS Training for New Centers The ERGYS Training Program for New Centers Improving Your ERGYS Sessions

Keys to a Better ERGYS Session

Tune up your ERGYS!

ERGYS Tune-up  

The Movie

A 1.26 MB ERGYS Movie

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