Moving the ERGYS
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Match the numbers in the ERGYS picture to the numbers in the following list.

Note minivan owners: Optional steps 7, 8, and 9 are almost always required in your case.

  1. Crank the seat fully forward. Remove the seat crank by loosening the 2 set screws with a 5/64" hex wrench.
  2. Bundle (tie wrap) the power cord and secure it to the frame where it won’t be stepped on or pulled on during shipment.
  3. Lock the pedal crank (lever in the down position).
  4. Remove the 2 boot handles with a 5 mm hex wrench.
  5. Place the Leg Restraint Cuffs on the seat. Secure them with twine or something similar to keep them from falling off during shipping. Optionally, the hub assemblies can be removed and placed aside, leaving only the Leg Restraint Arm Assemblies attached to the ERGYS. A 26 inch section of a broom handle or similar object can be threaded through the vacated holes in the Arm Assemblies. Rest the broom handle across a piece of cardboard on the seat cushion and tighten the 2 threaded knobs on the end of the Arm Assemblies to keep the broom handle from slipping.
  6. Bend the keypad stalk inward towards the chair to keep the keypad from getting bumped during shipping.
  7. Optional. Remove the upper chair back to both lighten the ERGYS and reduce its height.
  8. Optional. Remove the Console from the pedestal to both lighten the ERGYS and reduce its height.
  9. Optional. Remove the armrests by pulling the plunger out and sliding the armrest tube straight up and clear of the plunger. Removing the armrests assemblies makes it easier to maneuver the ERGYS through doorways.
  10. When moving the ERGYS, always carry it by the frame tubes, not by the chair box, Console, or Console pedestal.
  11. A dolly can be placed under the center of the ERGYS to make it easier to move.
  12. Once the ERGYS has been moved, use the 4 hex-shaped leveling feet to firmly plant the ERGYS so it does not rock during pedaling.
movergys.gif (48537 bytes) Please contact Therapeutic Alliances for a free mini toolkit for moving the ERGYS.
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