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Mike Welch: Across the USA on the ERGYS

Last year Mike Welch pedaled 3327 miles on his ERGYS. That is, if his ERGYS flywheel were moving across the ground, he would have traveled from New York City to San Diego. This year he's doing it again! Join us on this page as we track Mike's progress in 2004.

Email Mike at to say hello when he passes through your town.
Date Miles to Date Location
2004/01/01 START New York City
2004/01/19 211 Loganton, PA
2004/02/06 423 Youngstown, OH
2004/02/20 585 Toledo, OH
2004/05/11 1032 Des Moines, IA
2004/06/25 1684 Red Lion, CO
2004/07/08 1763
2004/09/10 2086
2004/10/09 2161
2004/11/13 2233
2004/12/17 2376


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