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[ERGYS2 Banner]A Guide to the New Software

 The ERGYS 2 software upgrade offers a number of improvements to enhance the sessions of an ERGYS rider. One of the most important new features is the ability to select between manual resistance application during a run (with the INC and DEC keys) and automatic resistance application. In the 'Auto' mode, the ERGYS program will vary the resistance automatically based an the rider's performance. In other words, with 'Auto' selected the ERGYS will maximize run duration and pedaling resistance for the greatest possible workout.       

RUN #1              REMAINING RUN TIME 30:00
MAX LOAD: 7/8 Kp       SELECTED: 7/8 Kp AUTO

From the Set-up Display, the Auto mode is selected and deselected by pressing INC when the selected load is equal to the maximum load. The Auto Resistance mode will work for any resistance setting, from 1/8 Kp up to the maximum allowed by the ERGYS cartridge.

The new software allows for maximum stimulus levels to be set for each channel. For example, to turn off stimulus on the gluteal muscles, the RGLUT & LGLUT channels would be set to 0 on the Max Stim Display, The maximum for each channel ranges from 0 milliamps up to the maximum for the channel as programmed on the ERGYS cartridge.  

MAX STIM    RQUAD:140  RGLUT:140   RHAM:140
            LQUAD:140  LGLUT:140   LHAM:140

 A time-saving feature has been added to the Warm Up. After the first run, the rider may begin Auto Control immediately upon entry into Warm Up. The seconds counter now counts up, indicating the total time spent pedaling above 35 RPM in Warm Up. As with previous versions of the ERGYS software, the rider must warm up for at least 1 minute prior to the first run.

WARM UP 1:00        RPM:45

A mileage indicator has been added to the Auto Control Display. This is a measure of the distance traveled by the flywheel during a run. Of course, the longer the run and the greater the average RPM, the greater the mileage traveled.

A '+R' designator will appear at the top of the Auto Control Display when the automatic resistance mode is selected. When the resistance application mode is set to manual, this designator will not be present.     

AUTO+R        5.2 MILES     RUN TIME 29:00
95% MAX STIM    100% of 7/8 Kp      48 RPM

 The Rest Display is the same as before with the addition of the total mileage for the run.       

RUN TIME 30:00   5.4 MI  48 RPM  3.8/8 Kp

 A summary display has been added to present ongoing totals and averages for the session. This display is available after every rest period or at any time after the first run when the STOP key is pressed.    

RUNS 1-2    5.4 MI    48 RPM     3.8/8 Kp
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