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[ERGYS2 Banner]A Comparison with the REGYS and ERGYS I

The ERGYS 2 offers a number of improvements over our REGYS and ERGYS 1 Rehabilitation Systems. Below are some of the more important additions.

bulletProgrammable biphasic waveforms plus an REGYS/ERGYS I compatible waveform (requires Stimulus Engine option).
bullet2-electrode per channel cabling for shortened prep time and decreased cost of day-to-day use.
bulletIncreased workloads through the use of ERGYSIntelligence automatic resistance control.
bulletA manual resistance mode for times when the rider and clinician want complete control of the application of resistance during a run.
bulletEnhanced displays and data storage for improved tracking of progress of ERGYS rider.
bulletAn 11% increase in stimulus power (based on an average threshold of 30 milliamps).
bulletIndependently programmable stimulus limits for customizing the ERGYS session based an the patient's level of sensation.
bulletA full line of electrode interface choices, including self-adhesive electrodes, the 3-piece Stimwear Electrode Garment, and the 1-piece Bioflex Electrode Garment.

In addition, we've retained all of the great ERGYS 1 user-interface features such as the fully reclining seat with elevated foot holders, the keypad mounted on a flexible stalk, the smooth and easily adjustable crank for setting seat depth, the bright and easy-to-read display (like those found in an automobile dashboard), and the beautiful curves and strength of the ERGYS frame.

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