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A Ten-Step Guide to Improving Your ERGYS Sessions

keyto.gif1. Don’t Set Your Thresholds too High

Think of the thresholds as the stimulus idling point. The ERGYS uses each threshold level to compute the stimulus level during the "off" portion of a muscle’s stroke. The threshold setting should be set at the point where the muscle first responds to the stimulus. If you set the threshold much higher than this you could get a co-contraction from that muscle which may impede your ride.

keyto.gif2. Replace Your Seat Cushion

If it’s 5 years old, it’s probably worn out. Over time, the ERGYS seat cushion will lose some of its "memory." With an old seat cushion, some of your leg power will be absorbed by the seat instead of being transferred to the pedal crank. A new cushion will help to bring you back into the optimum ERGYS pedaling position.

keyto.gif3. Check Your Leg Restraints, They May Need Rebuilt

Try this simple test: Hold each Leg Restraint Arm straight out, one hand under the "elbow" and the other hand at the end, and remove the hand supporting the elbow. The elbow joint should flex easily (like butter, as we say here). If the joint is stiff, if the arm stays straight even after removing your hand, the Leg Restraint Arm is impeding your ERGYS ride. The same goes for the shoulder joint (the point where the arm attaches to the seat). If this joint is too stiff you will lose power through the drag in your Leg Restraint. The Leg Restraints can be sent to TAI for rebuilding. If they’re 5+ years old, they probably need it.

keyto.gif4. Replace Your Electrodes

Electrodes increase in their impedance to stimulus with each ERGYS session. At some point the stimulus will not be dispersed effectively over the electrode, resulting in diminished run performance. Random open lead messages are a good indication that the electrodes are worn out. Replace the carbon rubber electrodes every 52 to 78 sessions (4 to 6 months). Replace the self-adhesive electrodes every 10 to 12 sessions. Keep an ongoing tally of the number of sessions you’ve used a particular batch of electrodes. And try not to mix old and new electrodes.

keyto.gif5. Don’t Overextend Your Legs, but Don’t Underextend Them, Either

To the ERGYS, your legs are like the pistons of an automobile engine. In general, the greater the travel, the more power you will get from each pedal stroke. But there’s a limit to this. Over extension can be hard on the knees and may slow you down, as the feet will tend to be pulled up in the boots at the point of maximum extension.

keyto.gif6. Upgrade Your ERGYS

Turn your ERGYS 1 into an ERGYS 1.5 with the software upgrade. Stimulus scaling and the algorithm for the application of pedaling resistance are much improved. Turn your ERGYS 1 into an ERGYS 2 with the Stimulus Engine upgrade. It has all the features of the software upgrade coupled with a variety of new stimulus waveforms which may improve your performance.

keyto.gif7. Plant Your Heels

If your heels are firmly planted at the back of the boot, your feet won’t tend to slip forward. A forward slipping foot translates into lost pedaling power. While you’re at it, make sure the white  and blue boot inserts are protecting your feet. Your feet should not come in contact with the boot straps or the plastic boots.   We've made it easier to secure the feet by adding oversized D-rings  and better positioned hook and loop fasteners to the boot straps.

keyto.gif8. Check that Your Front Sprocket is Locked to the Axle

The front sprocket, axle, and flywheel should be locked together. The sprocket is locked to the axle with a "keyway" (which almost always stays in place) and a set screw (which on occasion will loosen). Hand pedal the ERGYS forward and backward. If the front sprocket slips on the axle as you reverse pedaling direction, you’ve probably got a loose set screw. You can tighten the set screw from the front of the ERGYS without removing the plastic drive train cover.

keyto.gif9. Eat Right, Sit Up Straight, Get a Good Night’s Sleep

If you’ve had a rough day, if you’re worn out, if you're undernourished, your ERGYS session will reflect it. Eat well, sleep well, and listen to your mother’s advice. It works for the ERGYS, too! And while you’re at it, sit up as straight as possible. This will allow for the maximum contribution from your hips as you pedal.

goodidea.gif10. Send Us Your Suggestions

Share YOUR secret for getting a better ERGYS session. We’ll post it here and give you a big THANK YOU. Help your fellow ERGYS riders!

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