This checklist is not a replacement for reading the ERGYS Operator’s Manual.

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  1. Before prepping and transferring, turn on the ERGYS and verify that all of the power-on self-tests are passed. The ERGYS should be turned on before connecting the stimulus cables and turned off after disconnecting the cables.
  2. Buckle up with the lap belt and, if necessary, the chest strap immediately after you transfer into the ERGYS. Check that you are centered in the seat and positioned all the way against the back.
  3. Secure your feet in the pedals with your heels firmly planted in the blue foot liners and white foam foot protectors. Your feet should not come in contact with the boot straps or the plastic boots.
  4. Center the Leg Restraint Cuffs around each thigh with the plastic cuff in the up position.
  5. Set the extension of the legs using the seat crank at the rear of the ERGYS. Check that the legs are not overextended at any point in the pedal stroke.
  6. Using the thumb screws at the end of the Leg Restraint Arms, adjust the numbered plastic pieces to set the girth of the legs so that the knees open and the legs extend in a natural fashion for pedaling.
  7. Connect the stimulus cables on the left and right side. Check that you are wired correctly: Quadriceps = red, Hamstrings = blue, and Gluteus = yellow. When setting the thresholds, check that the muscle which responds to stimulus matches the muscle indicated on the ERGYS display.
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